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Electronic watches when the temperature 25 ~ 28 ℃, the circadian timing error within a second, more or less when the temperature to 0 ℃ or 50 ℃, every day and night for two seconds slower. At the same time when the temperature is as high as 60 ℃, the LCD panel will turn black when the temperature dropped to less 0 ℃, liquid crystal display panels will lose the role, so the winter, electronic watches can be worn on the wrist by the body’s thermostat to keep it The normal time. In addition, the high temperature and the low temperature will cause battery leakage and corrosion movement. 33Electronic watch battery is generally available more than a year, but the lighting power consumption, bright open more than one second timing with the power consumption of the equivalent of one hour. When the battery power quickly finished, the lights will dim or turn on the digital display is dimmed or even disappear. When replacing batteries, repair of the table if they do not understand technology, watch repair shop should be installed. And there is no standardized battery specifications, various grades of battery lot and can not be used.Electronic watch to note: press the button can not overexert avoid failure; LCD panels use an extra five to seven new ones; battery without electricity should be promptly removed to avoid corrosion fluid flow movement. Found that light does not shine, button failure, timing when there is a sudden large errors to be repaired, it may be bad or soldered joints took off. Electronic watches, especially digital electronic watches, waterproof performance is generally poor. Although some in the manual or stamped with the word “water”, we should try to avoid contact with water. The structure of the electronic wrist watch type of mechanical watches are electronic circuits and electronic components, into the water case, will be “catastrophic”, so that the whole scrap watches. Especially the LCD panel and an integrated line, not only afraid of the water, is affected by the tide, over time there will be failures. Therefore, wash, laundry is best to come off the table. To prevent splashing rain when it rains. If you find electronic watches into the water, or watch-glass inner wall polyethylene water gas, should immediately repair shops in addition to the water table, row wave treatment.

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Is “quartz crystal” as the oscillator, go through the electronic frequency control motor operation, driven pointer, when to go high accuracy. Electronic Quar. That will be a combination of electronic movement with quartz movement made​​, both electronic display of watches have hands walking instructions. Such movement, such as Citizen (Citizen Miyota Co., Ltd) for T250 movement.8Light table
Light energy wave form built into the watch by radio receiver and antenna to receive “standard time” radio waves emitted by the towers, get time and calendar data, automatically correct time and date watches. Standard time signals using a high-precision cesium atomic watches theory, hundreds of thousands of years of a second error. Citizen watches all use radio light energy technology, the use of any visible light as an energy driven. As long as there is light energy, as long as it receives radio waves would never have errors.